NJCBA President Scott Rudder on NJ Voters Approving Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization

By Published On: November 4, 2020Categories: News

Trenton — New Jersey CannaBusiness Association President Scott Rudder issued the following statement tonight on New Jersey voters approving legal adult-use cannabis in New Jersey:

“Tonight is a remarkable, historic night for New Jersey. On the question of whether they support ending the long failed war on cannabis, of making social justice a priority and of ensuring we create thousands of new jobs, the voters have overwhelmingly said YES!

“Legalization is the result of years of hard work from a diverse group of individuals and communities. Senator Nick Scutari’s idea that used to generate snickers in the halls of Trenton when he first talked about it has finally become a reality. Congratulations to everyone whose hard work has resulted in this moment.

“Now that legalization has come to New Jersey, we must focus on enacting legislation which outlines how cannabis will be regulated, marketed and sold. My hope is that this next step will mean removing potential restrictions that could keep the industry from reaching its full potential. But we will take that argument up tomorrow. For now, we will enjoy this moment for all that it is worth.”

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