NJCBA on Monmouth Poll Results: This is Encouraging News, But We Must Remain Vigilant and Focused on November

By Published On: April 28, 2020Categories: News

The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association (NJCBA) expressed enthusiasm over a Monmouth University poll released Thursday showing that 61% of New Jersey voters will support the November 3rd cannabis legalization ballot question. At the same time, NJCBA stressed that is important that voters remain informed and ready to get to the polls come November.

“The numbers show that New Jerseyans know and understand why the ‘War on Cannabis’ has failed, was unnecessary to begin with and must now end,” said NJCBA President Scott Rudder. “That said, we can’t be sitting on our hands from now until November assuming everything will work out. We must remain vigilant, counter the kind of misinformation that legalization opponents have been spreading for years and make sure we get as many supporters as possible to vote and vote ‘YES’ on November 3rd.”

Rudder also pointed to a recent study produced by the American Civil Liberties Union that shows arrests for cannabis possession are on the rise and that communities of color are disproportionately impacted by these arrests.

“It is unconscionable that we continue to arrest people for a plant that has been deemed essential as a medicine during the COVID-19 quarantine and is proven to be a healthier alternative than alcohol,” said Rudder.  “Knowing this, does it really make sense to take freedom and income earning potential away from a person who has the equivalent of a few joints in their possession?”

Rudder added, “New Jersey arrests more than 34,000 people every year at cost of approximately $145 million per year in taxpayer dollars.  With the passage of the ballot question, instead of spending millions to incarcerate people for simple possession, we can create thousands of new jobs and generate millions in additional revenue to help rebuild our economy.”

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