Tim Burdge, MSFM, FMP

Name: Tim Burdge, MSFM, FMP

Company: Syska Hennessy Group

Share your elevator pitch. In one sentence, what do you do in the cannabis industry?

As a Senior Associate with Syska Hennessy Group, I create exceptional environments that help cannabis facility management operations reach their full potential.

How did you get involved in the cannabis industry?

Several of Syska Hennessy’s architectural and real estate development clients from other building sectors invited us to apply our engineering expertise to cannabis facilities. My colleagues and I are grateful because we’ve found this work to be extremely rewarding. We look forward to further growth in this sector.

Share a bit about your professional background. What, specifically, makes you well-equipped to serve clients in the cannabis industry?

I specialize in facilities management, which means that I’m always looking for effective ways for organizations to lower their operational costs.  As part of Syska Hennessy’s facility management advisory practice, I help clients transition from construction to operation, ensuring that my clients’ balance sheets aren’t overburdened in this process.  My colleagues and I are now applying this approach to cannabis facilities with great success. 

What do you feel is most promising about New Jersey’s cannabis industry?

Quite simply, the geography of the state. Eventually, federal legalization will come, opening the borders for interstate commerce. New Jersey is very easy to navigate in short periods of time, making it ideal to capture market share from surrounding states, all which will contribute to the success of the NJ cannabis industry in the northeast as well as across the U.S.

Why did you join NJCBA? How do you anticipate NJCBA helping your business?

Syska Hennessy Group joined NJCBA because we see it as the go-to business community for cannabis in the state. We also believe strongly in NJCBA’s focus to make certain that decision makers and regulators understand and respect the needs of the cannabusiness community and that our community continues to represent responsible corporate citizens.

Care to share a favorite NJCBA membership moment?

At the risk of oversharing, I was having dinner with [NJCBA] board member Hector Corchado one evening just after Syska signed on as a corporate sponsor. Hector was thrilled with our decision and at that moment decided to call and introduce me to Scott Rudder, the founder and president emeritus of NJCBA, who thanked me for the support and said he would personally guarantee the ROI on our investment. I appreciated that level of care and attention.

Provide one piece of advice you’d give to someone who’s considering working in cannabis.

Work smart, lead with kindness and gratitude, and always remember if it is something you will enjoy doing it isn’t really work anyway. Additionally, if you are using your experience as a cannabis patient or recreational consumer as the basis for working in this industry, your experience there isn’t enough. You should identify some professional development goals for yourself and always continue your education relative to the facet of the industry you are pursuing.

Tell us about your favorite Jersey spot. What would you do in the Garden State on your day off?

Easy Question. I’d head to Jackson, where my two beautiful nieces Emily (9) and Hannah (8) are located. Nothing I love more than being their “fun-cle” on my days off.