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Membership Card and Discounts
Every GrassRoots-Member of the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association will receive a membership card. This card will provide the cardholder access and discounts to member-only events that will bring likeminded individuals, supporters and businesses together to provide updates, exchange news, share ideas and have a little fun.

Legislative Action Alerts

CannaBusiness tracks and analyzes legislation and regulatory actions that impact the cannabis sector. GrassRoots-Members will be added to our news alerts and calls-to-action so they can lend their voice and support to the debate.

Remember, we can only succeed together. GrassRoots involvement is critical to changing the way New Jersey views cannabis and the societal benefits of ending prohibition.
Member Driven Approach
We need everyone’s voice to help change pubic opinion both within our communities as well as the opinions of the elected officials in Trenton. The direct involvement of members in developing messages and strategies is the key to our success and it will take all of us working together, both the business community and our GrassRoots-Members, to create the necessary momentum to finally put an end to this senseless prohibition.

Be part of a national movement to change the way government regulates medicinal and adult-use cannabis.

Help end the failed, wasteful and expensive “War on Cannabis” that has ruined countless lives.

Help create a new economy and thousands of jobs that will generate more revenue for the state and provide needed tax relief for our communities.

Join the thousands of people already involved in the movement.

Become a GrassRoots Member today!