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No matter where you sit on the cannabis supply chain, you know you need to develop relationships and allies. You also need to make sure you are on top of the latest news, laws, and regulations that impact you and your business. As a member of the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association, you will belong to a growing trade association that will provide you with the necessary information and contacts to help you succeed in the emerging legal cannabis industry.


Grassroots Member Information

Membership Card and Discounts

Every GrassRoots-Member of the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association will receive a membership card. This card will provide the cardholder access and discounts to member-only events that will bring likeminded individuals, supporters and businesses together to provide updates, exchange news, share ideas and have a little fun.

Legislative Action Alerts

CannaBusiness tracks and analyzes legislation and regulatory actions that impact the cannabis sector. GrassRoots-Members will be added to our news alerts and calls-to-action so they can lend their voice and support to the debate. Remember, we can only succeed together. GrassRoots involvement is critical to changing the way New Jersey views cannabis and the societal benefits of ending prohibition.

Member Driven Approach

We need everyone’s voice to help change public opinion both within our communities as well as the opinions of the elected officials in Trenton. The direct involvement of members in developing messages and strategies is the key to our success and it will take all of us working together, both the business community and our GrassRoots-Members, to create the necessary momentum to finally put an end to this senseless prohibition.

News and Information

Information is critical to your business and our mission. In addition to regular alerts on key issues, each month CannaBusiness produces a newsletter to bring you a broader perspective on issues impacting our industry both in New Jersey and around the country.

Business Member Information

Expert Analysis and Alerts

CannaBusiness tracks and analyzes legislation and regulatory actions that impact the cannabis sector. Members receive regular updates and alerts to ensure a strategic and proactive approach regarding the issues affecting them

3rd Party Advocacy

CannaBusiness generates press releases and publishes Op-Ed pieces in media outlets to inform the public and policy makers about issues affecting our members and our industry. Developing a grass-roots understanding of key issues is important to broadening support.

Governmental Outreach

Through direct interaction with legislative leaders, their staff, members of the Administration and regulatory agencies, CannaBusiness promotes and advocates on behalf of its members. Whether through testimony in front of key committees or one-on-one meetings, our leadership and staff have earned a reputation of trust and credibility second to none.

Public Policy and Business Forums

Throughout the year, CannaBusiness arranges forums for its members to interact and network with each other as well as senior legislators and policy makers in the medical and recreational cannabis market space.

Member Driven Approach

Direct involvement of members in developing messages and strategies is the key to our success. CannaBusiness arranges direct meetings with New Jersey Legislative and regulatory leadership on behalf of its members. Hearing directly from subject matter experts, YOU, has a significant impact on the decisions these leaders make.




Patient Services & Support

While the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association is not a medical provider and does not provide medical advice to those seeking medicinal cannabis, we are happy to provide you some easy links to guide you to the right place:

New Jersey Medical Cannabis (marijuana) program

Certified medical cannabis doctors in New Jersey

Alternative Treatment Centers in New Jersey

If you experience any challenges or would like guidance as to how to obtain a medicinal cannabis license for yourself or a loved one, click here and we will be happy to help you through the process.

Political Action Committee

The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association recognizes and supports efforts to engage in the political process. Exercising our First Amendment rights and our ability to support candidates for office that share our beliefs and values is a necessary part of the democratic process.

To that end, the NJCBA has affiliated itself with New Jersey’s largest political action committee dedicated to furthering the goals and objectives of a professional and responsible cannabis industry, NJCannaPAC.

For more information on NJCannaPAC



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