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The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association, helping to grow the cannabis industry…


Lobbying and Advocacy – First things first, what’s the current law and what should industry expect moving forward?  The CannaBusiness Association utilizes professional lobbyists and advocates that work with state and local officials to ensure that as the laws evolve, it has a positive impact on jobs, taxes and the overall cannabis industry.  We recognize that legalizing cannabis will not be an easy task.  There are many hurdles and naysayers.  Our job is to work effectively with a cross-section of leaders in politics, business and communities to pull together the best possible outcome as we move forward to end cannabis prohibition.

Marketing and Public Relations –  A new market space requires new ideas.  Traditional methods to identify your customer in the emerging cannabis field are taking a backseat to innovative micro-targeting techniques that will ensure the people you want to promote your wares to receive your message.  And that’s what CannaBusiness is all about, staying out in front of the market space to promote the positives and address any issues that may arise.

Business Development – Getting started in an exciting and brand new market space comes with equal amounts of exhilaration and pitfalls.  Whether your interest in this space is sales, cultivation, processing, packaging or other related part of the supply chain, your business requires a team of professionals that can work in a highly regulated environment, layout out a strategy and make sure you are making the right connections.  Why take chances when you can get it right the first time? 

B2B Connections– Relationships.  It’s all about the relationship:  Who you know and how you can succeed together.  The cannabis market space is relatively new.  The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association makes it a top priority to connect traditional and non-traditional businesses to ensure companies can interact, network and learn from each other.  Throughout the year, we host multiple networking opportunities in addition to providing personalized and strategic networking counsel.

Medical Cannabis Services – Are you, or someone you care for, in need of medical cannabis?  Are you having difficulty locating a doctor or dispensary?  Having issues with paperwork and the qualifying rules for a medical cannabis license?  The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association makes it a top priority to guide people through the challenges and hurdles that make it difficult for patients to obtain the care and medicine they need.

Regulations and Compliance – The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. However, our legal partners in this regulatory space are second to none.  In addition, our staff can guide you through the governmental hurdles, processes and red tape to ensure you are always on the right side of the law in this heavily regulated environment.